Integrating with SamCart

Integrating with SamCart Now you can automate your follow-up with every new customer to get reviews, referrals and sell more. Abandoned cart? Not a problem. Hi, and welcome to a quick overview of CLOSEM, where I’ll walk you through some but not all of the great features, and show you what an incredible tool this… Continue reading Integrating with SamCart

Is mail dead?

Is mail dead? Is Direct Mail Dead? With technological advancements, everything seems to be going digital. Well, at this point, it’s probably more accurate to say everything is digital.  With that said, the sea of constant emails, social media ads and overloaded online information can overwhelm your prospects. Fortunately, direct mail remains one of the most powerful… Continue reading Is mail dead?

6 Revenue Hacks

6 Revenue Hacks 6 Revenue Hacks for Your Business That Cost Nothing to Implement Increasing sales and gaining new customers is vital for every business. Your marketing and advertising campaigns can (and should) attract new customers, but what happens next can make or break a business. With the right game plan, you can make sure… Continue reading 6 Revenue Hacks

New Features April 2022

New Features April 2022 We’re so excited to start rolling out a whole new set of requested features for CLOSEM users.   A (partial) list of new features: New dashboard view with expanded stats Ability to insert a dynamic HTML signature (and a custom signature builder!) Ability to specify exact time messages go out in… Continue reading New Features April 2022

Top Product 2022

The Perfect Sales Tool For Your Business WebApp Market recently featured CLOSEM and named it one of the top trending products in 2022. The article headline “CLOSEM: The Perfect Sales Tool For Your Business In 2022” says it all. TheWebAppMarket is the leading ratings and reviews platform for web apps, mobile apps, software solutions, and… Continue reading Top Product 2022

Introducing CLOSEM DM

Break out of the digital box   Introducing CLOSEM with Postal Direct Mail. We are very excited to share a powerful new capability that is going to blow your conversion rates through the roof! But first the bad news. Email open rates are on the decline. Apple and Google have introduced new privacy measures that… Continue reading Introducing CLOSEM DM

Postal Breakthrough

Bypass Digital Barriers with Postal Mail For many years, the best way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to promote their products and services and generate business was by leveraging the low cost and wide reach of digital media. Using email and social media was both efficient and cost-effective — a no-brainer for small businesses and… Continue reading Postal Breakthrough

Franchise Empire Grows

Canadian grows franchise empire with CLOSEM Serial entrepreneur and social activist William Tsui uses CLOSEM to build his franchise empire, first in Canada and then the world. He’s no stranger to starting successful businesses. He co-founded a mobile payments app before starting Canuck Eats in 2020. He started with his first location in Merritt, BC,… Continue reading Franchise Empire Grows

Getting More Referrals

How to Get More Referrals Did you know 85% of small businesses say word-of-mouth referrals are the number one way new prospects find out about their business? That’s why knowing how to get referrals (intentionally) from happy customers can be the catapult to a flying, successful business. Here’s exactly how to do it… First of all, make… Continue reading Getting More Referrals

Plain Text Emails Win

Why Plain Text Emails Win How do you write to your friends? Really, if you’re writing a note to a friend or fellow employee, do you go to your mail system, open a pre-formatted template, find some images, add links, stuff it full of personalization and send a fancy, graphic-laden email? Or do you just… Continue reading Plain Text Emails Win