Follow-up made effortless.

The problem is not your leads.

Increase your sales by 40% or more without being a great copywriter or sales superstar. Send high-converting automated campaigns in just minutes a day, no technical skills required.  

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Spend less time and engage more.

Easily keep track of leads, prospects and customers and never lose a chance to make a sale!  One-click automation lets you simply set it and forget it!

“CLOSEM has saved us countless hours. Before CLOSEM, I didn’t even dare to begin selling due to the other demands on my time. CLOSEM is THE entire recruiting system for us. We wouldn’t have any customers without it. 

William Tsui, Canuck Eats

Break through all messaging barriers!

Omni-channel automation lets you reach your prospects where they are — via email, text and postal mail. No monthly limits to your message sending.

“Good news! Here's why I believe in your system. Just sent my first campaign and I got a signed contract!

Marcel Porof, Future Land Solutions

Make meaningful connections.

Easily send hyper-personalized business letters and attention-getting postcards. Nothing new to learn, the same interface as writing a text or email. No minimums, no set-up charges, and all mail is sent first-class, anywhere in the world. 

“I asked him, “Did you receive a postcard?” He said, “Yes. It meant a lot to me.” And I'm like, ‘whoa, it was that simple.' This is really a difference maker.”

Reyes Castillo, White Cloud Marketing'

Our customers say it best:

“I”m happy to endorse and recommend CLOSEM. It's a superior product to anything on the market”

Dennis Hill, Author

“CLOSEM has been a fantastic product for us, helping us get in front of clients quickly.”

William Mingione, Slaterock

“Everytime I've had a question it's been answered in five minutes or less. Definitely give them a try.”

Mike Gumnani, Rich Labs

4-10x your sales results.

Combine email, text, voice and postal mail into compelling campaigns and let them run hands-free. These automated follow-up campaigns are proven to result in 80% more sales. No limits to the number of campaigns you can create and send. Useful reports with actionable information at your fingertips.

“CLOSEM is awesome and easy to use. I am NOT an internet marketer, and I was easily able to get my first campaign going within 20 minutes.”

Marcus Dahite, Point of Sale Solutions

Always know what to say.

CLOSEM is chock-full of high-converting, professionally-written, personalizable, reusable message templates. 


Use as-is or customize to suit. No limit to the number of messages and categories you can create, so you always have the right message at the ready!

“I used to spend $3,000 a month for a firm to do “drip campaigns” – and all they did was send emails. Now I send emails and texts and postcards, and let me tell you, this really breaks the ice. Better results at a fraction of the cost.”

Paul Ebelhart, ITSEC

Never miss an opportunity.

Never forget to follow up, or miss an appointment, or have a no-show! Easily create appointments and reminders with a single contact or an entire group. Send multiple reminders via SMS and email. Drop right into your calendar and send calendar invites.

“I have to say how impressed I've been. The fact that they have old-fashioned customer service — they've jumped in and helped me via live chat. CLOSEM is amazing.”

Dori O'Neill, Simplized Health