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We're all about helping you make sales.

We started CLOSEM when we saw terrific entrepreneurs struggling to close sales, stressed about having no time to follow up with their leads and customers. We knew we could build a tool to simplify and automate that process. And we also know that the best way for a company like ours to succeed is by offering a product that produces results, and supporting our users to the best of our ability.

Since we launched CLOSEM in July 2020 we've added numerous features and enhancements to make the lives of our users easier and more successful. And now we're added to the universe of CLOSEM APPS with LINKEM, BOOKM, and FINDM, companion products that enable our users to really increase sales without delay.




With over 15 years of experience in launching and scaling products, services, and businesses across various domains and industries, I am a seasoned marketing executive, author, investor, and entrepreneur who thrives on challenging the status quo and redefining the field. As the CEO of Closem.AI, I lead a team of talented professionals who deliver intelligent sales and marketing solutions powered by AI and human creativity.


We help our clients boost their sales performance, optimize their scheduling, and generate meaningful growth with our innovative offerings, such as our outbound sales and marketing campaigns and our booking system, Bookm. We are committed to being a dependable ally in our clients' business journey toward success. I am also a partner at BOS Consulting, a firm that provides a full range of marketing services, channel sales programs, and product marketing strategies tailored to each client's specific needs. My expertise in product management, customer relationship management, and public relations enables me to facilitate the launch of multiple products, construct effective channel sales programs from the ground up, and implement innovative marketing efforts for several startups and established businesses. I am passionate about empowering businesses to unlock their maximum potential.

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Followup made easy

CLOSEM is the one-stop, done-for-you marketing automation tool that gets results. Send email, text, voice and postal mail.


Connecting made easy

Turn long URLs into memorable shortlinks, create trackable QR codes, bio pages, overlays and more.


Scheduling made easy

Say goodbye to phone tag and missed chances. Simple. Never have to ask “what’s a good time for you?” again.


Prospecting made easy

No contracts. Searches as much you like until you find your perfect prospects. Pay only for the records you select