Hi, this is Richard Miles, and in just a minute, I’m going to tell you about a sales-boosting software tool that will help you followup with leads, get a ton of 5-star reviews and referrals, and close more sales, no matter how busy you are, and no matter how much you detest chasing clients.

And you don't need to be a sales or marketing wizard to get fantastic results!

The difference between having a growing and successful business and one that’s struggling has almost nothing to do with your quality or how good you are at what you do. Of course, quality is important, but quality alone isn’t doesn’t close sales … the golden ticket to a successful, thriving business is consistent followup.

Most designers I know love the art, love design, love creating… but absolutely hate chasing leads, haggling with prospects, and closing sales. And if you’re a sole proprietor or running a small agency, managing all the day-to-day often takes up so much time your sales follow-up becomes an after-thought – or is nonexistent. One minute you’re behind on projects and way too busy to answer the phone, much less prospect for new business, and the next you’re looking in the couch cushions for money to pay the rent.

Look, the truth is that following up with leads and prospects is really hard. Even if you do get time to answer a call and send a quote, rarely can anyone close that sale after one call. And if you don’t control the conversation to establish your worth, you end up haggling over price.

I promise, there’s a way out.

Here's secret number 1. Statistics show that you need to have a minimum of 6 to 7 positive interactions before you make a sale. Consistent followup helps you establish the ground rules, build your value, and close the deal. The difference between an average salesperson and a sales superstar is their dedication to following up with every lead that comes in, every prospect that says “maybe,” and every customer who could potentially buy again.

Here’s secret #2. 90% of business customers would rather get a text message than a phone call, and 97% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes. You’re wasting your time leaving voice mail messages, and if you text you can stop worrying if they even opened, much less read your email.

Here’s secret #3. The days of sending single message blasts and hoping are over. To really establish your value, prepare your client, and close the sale requires a sequence of carefully constructed messages. These message sequences or campaigns are proven to get 4 – 10 times the results.

And here’s secret #4: Did you know you’re 7 times more likely to get business from your past customers, and prospects that already know you – even if they didn’t buy the first time around?  These days, you can’t afford to just be chasing new leads, the winning strategy is to keep your message in front of all your contacts.

I know, stop me now.

You don’t have time for even a second followup call, much less a half dozen, and certainly no time to keep after past customers and prospects that didn’t buy! It’s next to impossible to send a really professional text to your prospect on your phone, it’s much harder than you think to know exactly what to say, and when to say it, and who to say it to. It’s next to impossible to keep track of a bunch of messages sent over time.

You’re not alone. We know what that’s like. Between us, Laura and I have spent more than 25 years running boutique agencies. We spent years developing the skills our clients were willing to pay for, but our businesses struggled until we figured out how to properly follow up with the leads and referrals we were getting.

That’s why we built CLOSEM, the automated, done-for-you followup system that gets results.

We built CLOSEM for busy people who don’t have time to learn new software, and have even less time to spend managing it. We made sure it could make the hard work of following up with leads, prospects and customers easy. I mean super-easy. Like push a button, set it and forget it easy.

In fact, it's so easy to use we promise it's the one sales tool you'll actually use.

CLOSEM puts your lead followup on autopilot. It comes complete with already-written, personalized text and email message templates and built-in sequences you can use right away, or customize to suit your business and communication style. With CLOSEM, you can send an immediate text message to everyone in your contact list, or send a series of text and emails messages to select contacts over time.

Click a button, and CLOSEM will send a series of followup messages to your leads or prospects over time, until you get what you want – a closed deal, on your terms, at your price. CLOSEM makes it really easy to follow up with new leads at the same time keeping your past customers  and even those unsold prospects engaged and ready to buy.

With CLOSEM, you have an automated messaging platform you can simply set and forget; it does all the time-consuming work of following up with leads, prospects and customers, and most importantly, let’s you concentrate on other things while taking the hassle out of closing sales!

So, wait. Let’s take a minute to recap.

Maybe you’ve got a list of really dedicated followers and 50% of your emails get opened and read. What would it be like if you could double that? With CLOSEM, 97% of your messages are read and responded to in minutes! So that’s at least DOUBLE your best response rate.

And then what would happen if your carefully crafted campaign sequence increased your results by 4 to 10 times. So now you're getting at LEAST another 4x bump. And then imagine you had the time to followup with all your past customers and even those prospects that got away the first time? That's another 7x increase in success!

Imagine that. Double your response rate, then multiply it by four. That means your outreach just got at least 8 times more results! And what does that mean? It means you need to get ready for an avalanche of business!

You'll be able to follow up with leads and prospects with the click of a button. You'll never again have a lead fall through the cracks, miss out on closing a prospect, or lose a chance to get a great review or new business from your past customers!

And best of all, it's all ready to go with a couple clicks. You can use CLOSEM to follow up after trade shows and with inbound leads of all kinds, follow up with prospects to close sales, and follow up with customers to get new business, referrals, and positive reviews.

Choose the kind of message you want to send — prospecting for new business, following up a sales meeting, inviting people to a seminar, following up a trade show, sending a special offer to all your past prospects, asking your customers for a referral or review — you'll find a series of already written messages you can use right away or customize to suit your business style. Select your contact, choose the message or campaign, click send, and you're done. CLOSEM does all the work.

That’s it — it really is that simple!

How much would it be worth to you to stay booked all the time?

And how much would it cost you to hire a professional copywriter to write all these messages? What’s it cost to have a marketing person or dedicated assistant to do the work of sending them out and keeping track of who’s interested and who wants to wait?

There are all kinds of software and tools available to buy these days, but until now, they've all taken way too much time to learn to use, and then you’ll spend more time staring at a blank template, and even more time to manage it once you get it up and running. With CLOSEM, you get an incredibly powerful sales tool you can start using in a matter of minutes, with all the messages and scripts you'll need, along with the magic of texting to help you grow your business.

Even if you only get one sale you would otherwise have lost, what’s that worth to you?

As you can see, an investment in CLOSEM easily pays for itself.

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