Follow Up? The hidden enemy of sales.

Follow Up. The Real Hidden Enemy of Sales It’s clear from the data that follow-up is a major problem in sales.  Top sales professionals outperform their low-performing counterparts by 10:1 and average salespeople by 2:1, yet 92% of sales professionals give up after just four calls. This is especially concerning when you consider that 80% […]

Overcoming Sales Objections

OVERCOMING SALES OBJECTIONS Sales objections are common in any sales process. They are the objections, concerns, or doubts that potential customers raise during the sales process. These objections can be about the product or service being sold, the pricing, the timing, or anything else that the customer is unsure about. As a salesperson, it is […]

5 Minutes is Too Long

5 Minutes is too long How Immediate Response Increases Engagement and Sales The data is clear: the longer you take to contact a lead, the less likely you are to make the sale.   Think about it – when a prospect makes the effort to reach out to you, it’s because they’re interested and excited […]