Canadian grows franchise empire with CLOSEM

Serial entrepreneur and social activist William Tsui uses CLOSEM to build his franchise empire, first in Canada and then the world. He’s no stranger to starting successful businesses. He co-founded a mobile payments app before starting Canuck Eats in 2020. He started with his first location in Merritt, BC, a small town of roughly 7,000 a few hours from Vancouver.


Like many visionary entrepreneurs, he saw a classic market gap and set out to fill it. Dining choices in the small town are limited, and there are few delivery options. The big national delivery apps don’t service this town, simply because the market is too small, and local restaurants can’t afford a delivery fleet.

So William started Canuck Eats, an innovative service poised to disrupt the food delivery model. Their technology and systems were built to be scalable from the start, and with a focus on local ownership, fair compensation and a high quality of service. Canuck Eats Inc. itself does not own or directly control the delivery businesses in each town, only the web systems. Each town has its own local franchise owner/operator, and this ensures each town gets the highest level of customer service since the franchise owners live in the community.


Once he proved the model locally, he set out to open Canuck Eats franchises across Canada. He looks for like-minded people, who share the vision of supporting local communities, and keeping the economy local. The ideal franchisee is someone who has some business experience, and would be open to building a ground floor Canuck Eats delivery franchise.

Canuck Eats uses Social media to promote the franchise concept and captures leads with Facebook lead ads as well as from their website,

But following up with leads can prove to be a challenge, since Canuck Eats is a classic startup, and the founder is busy managing all aspects of the business and wears every hat from operations, accounting, recruiting, scheduling… even pitching in as a backup driver when things get busy! William says “I was really fortunate to find CLOSEM — it enables me to run the business while it takes care of the entire followup process for fresh leads.

I was really fortunate to find CLOSEM — it enables me to run the business while it takes care of the entire followup process for fresh leads.”

Once leads are captured in various forms, they flow directly into CLOSEM (using another application called Pabbly). CLOSEM automatically date-stamps the entry, adds them to a contact list, “tags” them to further identify them in the future, and then initiates a messaging campaign via email and SMS text. The minute a lead comes in it is consistently and properly followed up with.

The messaging campaign provides more information, answers questions not covered in the basic website FAQ, and invites prospects to make contact via phone or video calls. Once qualified, they provide a deposit to secure their territory and the onboarding process begins.

“I use CLOSEM to send both email and SMS messages. The SMS capability is the best part, and gives us the best response rate. The whole program has saved us countless hours from manual follow up, and the templates provided are golden. I’ve barely needed to modify them,” William says. “Before CLOSEM, I didn’t even dare to begin selling franchises due to the other demands on my time.”

It was easy to get CLOSEM up and running, and I’m still astonished that we launched our very first franchise location this quickly.”

In little less than a year from opening their first location, Canuck Eats had its first franchise in the next province over, in Edmonton, Alberta, and they are busy launching their second franchise, which they expect will open in Q4 2021.

William is no stranger to hard work. His single mom brought William and his younger sister to Canada, emigrating from Hong Kong (now communist China) after his father passed away. Always the entrepreneur from a very young age, he started his first business while still in high school.

Like many immigrants, William has a passion for service and a philosophy of giving back. He served as director of the Richmond Food Security Society to help serve the local community. And his enthusiastic community spirit is obviously shared by his franchisees. 

Canuck Eats is clearly on path to greater success. Their secret sauce of innovative technology along with local ownership and fair compensation gives them a leg up over the big multinational delivery services, and they intend to dominate the small town market and look to add another 20-30 locations covering every province in Canada before starting an international expansion.

CLOSEM is THE entire recruiting system for franchising for us. We wouldn’t have any franchisees without it,” William says.