The Power of Text Messaging

If you text it, they will come.


Most companies have almost no idea of the goldmine they are ignoring by not having any type of text messaging capability for their leads, prospect, customers — and even staff.



Everyone has a mobile phone in their purse or pocket. It is our always-on, always-connected, go-to, must-have device that we are never without. It is next to our bed while we sleep. If you text me, I will get it., anytime, day or night. Immediately.



Email is subjected to filters, many layers of blocks, don't get straight through, and if the subject line isn't exactly right, your message never even gets read.


90% of all text messages are read within three minutes.


Text messaging by comparison is immediate, straight to the prospect, simple, and if you use CLOSEM, quite easy. Text messaging also can be quite personal, and a much more desirable form of messaging than email.


People want help NOW and an immediate answer to their question, problem, or order. The speed and power of increasing a businesses reach to these customers by using the power of text messaging cannot be underestimated.


With CLOSEM, you can send an immediate blast SMS alert message to your entire staff at once, or send different messages to groups of staff based on their role, division, or function. In fact, there's no shortage of ways to tag and identify staff members. Recruiters also can use CLOSEM to keep track of and in touch with recruits.


Everyone is on their phone, all the time, every day, and even using their cellphones for personal business while at work. Instead of ignoring this reality, smart marketers and managers can capitalize on this and use texting as a tool for communicating valuable, time-sensitive information.


Compared to email, the benefits aren't even close.


With CLOSEM, your messages and responses route through a central number, and users can view and interact with individual team members any time as well as review your conversations.


Since not everyone should receive the same information, CLOSEM lets savvy marketers, campaign managers, HR execs and IT professionals tag leads, prospects, voters, and employees by job type or any number of other factors, and then automatically use that information in real-time to send personalized, relevant messages.


For example, salespeople can followup with leads and prospects, political campaigns can send health information and get out the vote alerts to constituents, HR can send important updates to staff in the office and work-from-home instructions to remote teleworkers, and IT can send network alerts to everyone — regardless of the network status.


CLOSEM offers a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require any extra training or downloads by employees.


  • Texting is something everyone uses and there's no learning curve.
  • Cellphones are where you connect with friends and family.
  • Internet down? Texting does NOT require the internet!

It might be time to replace your un-answered emails and slick newsletters; your Slack, Team and Hangout messages and chats to the place where communication is always happening: people's cellphones.


Done well, customers know you are there, and there is no lag at all in getting the information on sales, delivery, or service into the customer's hands in milliseconds.


You must beat your competitors to the punch, and text messaging is a great tool to help you do that. Until now, it was mostly fortune 500 businesses that could take advantage of text automation or special text drip marketing campaigns, but with CLOSEM, that is now available for you and your business.