Break out of the digital box


Introducing CLOSEM with Postal Direct Mail.

We are very excited to share a powerful new capability that is going to blow your conversion rates through the roof!


But first the bad news. Email open rates are on the decline. Apple and Google have introduced new privacy measures that make it increasingly less effective to rely on email alone and much more difficult to measure the actual open rate of your email. And more advanced filtering is preventing your email from getting into the email inbox in the first place. 


So we know it's difficult, even with your house list to keep a high percentage open rate.


What we're recommending obviously is to really look at what your response rate is, and see how interactive your marketing is. The bottom line is are you getting the results you need?


Of course that's why we added texting to CLOSEM in the first place. I've shared with you before the benefits of combining texting with emails together to not only double your open rate but 6X your response rate.


But here we'll share a powerful new capability that will absolutely blow your response rates out of the water – CLOSEM now lets you send professional, personalized direct mail, right from within the app itself, as easy as sending texts or emails.


Now you can send first-class business letters and compelling postcards at a super affordable rate to your own contact lists or to purchased lists. This is an absolutely a killer way to warm up a cold prospect list before emailing or texting, or reawakening past customers and a way to reach people you just haven't been able to get to before now.


A lot of marketers are 100% focused on digital these days, and think of direct mail as totally old school and expensive. And that's the good news!


While your email inbox is stuffed full, your postal mailbox is relatively empty.


Any truly personal, well-written first class mail that gets is likely to get responded to — in fact the data and marketing association shows that while email marketing has been on the decline, response from direct mail marketing has gone up 46% over the last few years!


We’ve made it so affordable and so easy to do, like everything with CLOSEM you’ll find business letter templates and gorgeous postcards that you can use right away, or customize to suit and of course create your own.