The death of email?

CLOSEM responds to “death” of email with innovative new communication channel

Reno, Nevada

CLOSEM ( a leading contact management (CRM) and business communication tool today announced a breakthrough in communications for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to increase sales.

For the past 20+ years, businesses have relied on email as a primary communication tool to market goods and services to new prospects and stay in touch with existing customers. Today, email inboxes are overcrowded, with more advanced filters and privacy measures making it increasingly less effective to rely on email alone. Open rates and response rates are declining, especially as users rely more on their phones and other instant messaging apps.

Surveys show that consumers actually prefer a text message over an email, and CLOSEM’s powerful messaging platform includes SMS texting. CLOSEM’s own studies prove that adding text messages to an email campaign can more than double the open rates and substantially increase engagement.

Today CLOSEM announced the ability for users to affordably send personalized postal mail – first class business letters and promotional postcards — directly from within the platform. While email inboxes are more crowded than ever, the postal mailbox has become the destination of choice for savvy marketers. Studies show that while email open rates have declined over the past 5 years, direct mail response rates have gone up 46%. In fact, the ROI on direct mail is higher – and more cost effective – than social media or online advertising.

“CLOSEM users enjoy an easy to use system that automates the time-consuming process of follow-up,” says Richard Miles, co-founder. “We want to level the playing field for small businesses and entrepreneurs by giving them advanced messaging capabilities at a reasonable price, and now we’re stepping it up. CLOSEM lets users take an all-inclusive approach by combining email with texting and postal direct mail without relying on one single channel. The key is keeping it automated and affordable, and we’ve done that.”

CLOSEM users can use any of the attractive direct mail templates provided or create their own. Now small businesses and solo entrepreneurs can get an effective message out, without having an internal marketing team, IT consultants or paying a fortune to outside contractors.

“I was surprised – I thought direct mail was really costly and had to be done in massive volume to be affordable. CLOSEM allows me to send small amounts of targeted, personalized first-class mail with a couple clicks,” said Steve Blom, a CLOSEM user in Florida. “I’m getting a much better response than I was sending emails alone.”

ABOUT CLOSEM. A highly-rated, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), CLOSEM users pay a monthly or annual subscription for the product, noted for its ease of use, outstanding customer support and professionally-written message templates. Developed by visionary marketing and sales gurus Laura Betterly and Richard Miles, CLOSEM has a growing user base and is an attractive business model for investors due to its low overhead costs and predictable, recurring revenue. They have recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign at