It might be easy, but…

Sometimes there's just not enough time.

We built CLOSEM to be easy to use, and do all the work of following up with your leads, prospects and customers for you, so you can focus on closing sales and getting work done.

We also know how hard copywriting great marketing messages really is. Like many of our users, you might not have the experience in the science and strategy of marketing and sales, and struggle to find the time to create the kind of messages and campaigns that truly deliver the results you want.

Could you use a little help?

If you could get CLOSEM effectively doing all your follow-up for you, how many extra sales would you make — every month? What would that be worth to you?

We’re all used to answering an inquiry with a single reply. But a carefully crafted message sequence generates 4 to 10 times more response. Creating a message campaign that generates those kinds of results requires real skill in the art and science of direct marketing. Hiring a consultant to do this can cost many thousands of dollars. What’s more, most of these consultants might have experience writing emails, but little to no experience creating campaigns, writing text messages, or campaigns that combine texts and emails together.

Introducing CLOSEM Done-For-You

Only $2,775.00

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Here's what you get:

Consulting & Strategy.

We’ll review your website, Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, and other social media pages. Then we’ll set up a call with you to learn more about what you sell, how and when you get leads, how you close sales, how you get referrals and reviews, etc. We’ll review what promises you make, what problems you solve, and your unique selling proposition. 

We'll learn your sales process and understand what actions you want  — call, book an online appointment, fill out a web form, attend a webinar, give you a review, or make a purchase.

Custom-designed campaigns. 

We’ll construct two or three campaigns designed to get the results you want. There’s a real art to creating a series of messages that work in conjunction with one another and build response over time. Typically, these are (1) responding to inbound leads, (2) prospecting for new business, and (3) getting reviews and referrals. As an option, one of the campaigns could be new business / upsells from past customers. Or you might have an idea of your own.


Custom-written message templates. 

This isn’t just taking the same message and sending it over and over again, or changing a few words here and there. That’s why we take the time to learn what you do and your unique selling proposition, so each message focuses on a customer problem (“pain point”) and then offers your solution. We work hard to come up with intriguing subject lines that typically get better open rates. If we only have emails to work with, that’s fine. If we have emails and phone numbers, we create a series of texts and emails that work together to drive up response.

The message templates won’t be generic, but truly customized to your business and what you offer. They won’t be designed as one-off stand-alone single messages (although they can be used that way as well), but true message campaigns that really generate responses, where each message builds on the previous and work together as a set.


Completely set up and automated.

If you have webforms, Facebook ads, leadpages, or some other funnel, we can connect them directly to CLOSEM so leads are automatically added to a list, tagged, and entered into a sequence so follow-up is truly hands-free.

We’ll make sure your account is fully set up with a custom voice message, reply-to email address, and set up any users.


Custom training. 

We’ll take the time to make sure you (and your team) know how to use the system and get the most out of it.


Ready to have it all done for you?

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Yeah, but this is going to cost me.

A run of the mill marketing and sales consultant would run you at least $2,500, and a great one would also want a percentage. A good copywriter to write 30 messages is somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000, and a great copywriter wants a percentage as well. Not to mention an IT staffer to do all the customization and integrations — another $1,000. So you’re looking at $6,500 minimum.

No, it isn't.

You can have CLOSEM Done-For-You for less than half that. 

Special limited time offer only $2,775.00. 
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