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Consider this…

How much money have you lost on leads that don't develop into sales?

Think about it..|

You spend money on ads; hire lead generation companies; hire salespeople and the actual percentage of leads closed is pathetic.

The answer is not what you'd think..

Continue reading to find out how I was able to figure out how to increase the effectiveness of my leads by over 10X and how you can too.

Hi, My Name Is Laura Betterly

My partner Richard Miles and I have been marketing on the internet since the 1990's.


Together and separately, we have generated millions of dollars for ourselves and our clients.


About two years ago, we combined our forces to once and for all solve the biggest problem businesses have with closing their leads. We solved the problem, and the result saves time & money while at the same time increasing sales up to 10x.

The Three Words You Never Want To Hear

It was Friday, and I was getting ready to close up shop for the week. A tough week; you know the type — server issues, an unreliable Internet connection, and many interruptions. I was looking forward to unwinding with a light dinner, a glass of wine, and perhaps watching a movie on Netflix. And then it happened. At 4:58 PM, I got the dreaded call. I had received this type of call before, but it was different this time. Why? My client was being difficult, and I actually needed the money he was paying me.


Suddenly, the voice on the other end said angrily, the three words you never want to hear from a client (or employee) “Your Leads Suck.” None of them closed. Again, implying I stink. I hadn't planned to spend the rest of my day like this.  

As a traffic ninja, I know I was getting these leads cheaper than everyone else, but that didn't matter because I was targeting the right people and sending out the right message. Why? I couldn't do much to change his mind, as he had decided the leads were bad. 


I’ve seen this before and I was pretty certain that I was going to lose him as a client.


I asked him then. “What exactly did you do when the leads came in? How long did it take to follow up on them?” Then he got quiet and admitted that he sometimes took a day or two to follow up. He confided he was overwhelmed with his day-to-day tasks and that he cannot always get to the leads as quickly as he should.  

However, he had a real problem. He needed sales, and he needed leads in order to get sales.  He just couldn’t see how he could actually follow up. The man was already working 14-hour days. Instead of blaming himself, he blamed the leads because he was physically and emotionally unable to follow up.


However, he wasn't wrong. The odds were against him. He had no chance of winning. His choices were to neglect the customers and follow up on sales OR take care of the customers and watch the sales drop. It doomed him to fail. This put him on a hamster wheel with the promise of success just around the corner, never to arrive.


For many people who have little or no capital but a good idea, the internet, and digital technology is the promise of success. It leveled the playing field. But it's a much different prospect in 2022 than what it was in 2000. It's impossible to stand out in a crowd unless you have a larger bullhorn than your competition. 


After seeing this happen with not only my client but other entrepreneurs, I figured out a solution to this. And it doesn't take a lot of time or money.

The Problem Was Not The Leads

As an agency owner, I did everything right to generate the leads, but after analyzing the problem closely, it was not the leads that were the problem. It didn't matter because if I didn't figure out why he and others were failing with their leads, it would ruin my business. 

Once a lead gets submitted, I know my job is done. I have no control over what a client does with the leads once I send them over, but I knew if I figured out what the problem was, I could help more clients succeed.

The answer was for me to take more responsibility for their goals, not less.

I realized there were serious problems with closing leads.

Clients were focusing my time on the wrong things.

I sure spent a lot of time making sure leads were submitted…

Time was spent on landing page creation, setting up split tests and writing headlines (all of these necessary but not the reason that the clients were not closing the leads I sent over)…

I spent days writing ads and amazing copy that would hopefully turn visitors into leads.

I spent tons of time worrying about how much to pay for each click, whether to bid for clicks or impressions and how to structure my spending.

And after everything was said and done…and that time spent got leads, but the clients didn’t get results. It devastated me. And I almost quit on my dreams because of it.

Well, today I want to make sure you never make those same fatal mistakes. I want to guarantee you avoid them so that you never feel the same way I did.

Mistake #1: It was taking too much time to contact the lead after submission 

Here's the truth…

You can literally have the best ads ever created… The best image…

The best headlines…

And the best copy.

The best landing pages.

The most qualified leads.

But if don’t follow up immediately and frequently, you literally have ZERO CHANCE of them buying your product.

Your money = wasted.

Check this out:

rapid response

This graphic shows how the chances of closing someone declines based on how long it takes you to get in touch.

I had to learn that the hard way.

Mistake #2: Not following up frequently and where they could respond.

We used to generate leads by getting email addresses and then asking for names. When I realized how many people don't even look at their email, a lead was almost worthless unless I also had their cell phone number so I could call and text them.  

…so if you aren’t able to get through to your leads, how do you think they will convert to sales? Exactly…they won't.

All of that time spent setting up a funnel and ads…

All of the headaches you dealt with making sure everything would work correctly…


…wasted.  All because you couldn’t actually reach your prospect.


Did you know ‌it can take up to 14 touches to get a real response from your prospects? Most sales people abandon trying after 2-3 times (if that much.) 


Mistake #3: Focusing all your attention on email follow up only


I get more questions about this. Email is not our only method of following up on our prospects.  We also text them. They might even get a phone call or two from us.

The thing we’re also found is sending out personalized postcards and letters to increase engagement rates by 40%.


When you combine all of this together, you get results.  


So, I've told you 3 huge mistakes to make sure you NEVER do when trying to follow up on your leads…


So what should you do instead?


Focus on reaching your prospects as fast as possible.


If you don’t reach them immediately, then keep following up. 


And if you don’t reach them, then follow up some more.


Don’t just email them.


Send them texts


Call them.


Send them Voice Messages


Send them a postcard.


Or a letter.


Get playful.  You want to get a response.


Let’s explain what realizing this solution does.


After I realized what the problem was, I got with my clients and they started to have better results than they have in years.


I was more excited than I had been in months!


Why? Because now I knew if I just fixed this one mistake for my clients, they would see sales from the leads I painstakingly generated for them!


Now I know what you’re thinking. Who has the time for this? Hardly anyone, that's for sure. If you run a business, you probably barely have time to get things done on a daily basis, which is why we automated lead follow-up so you don't have to worry about it.


The right follow up makes everything EASIER.


This ‌increases your chances of closing more leads for you and your clients.

Revealed...How To Increase Your Income
Without Spending An Additional Penny On Ads

We've been talking a lot about leads. And for good reason.


Leads are the key to growing your business. They are the lifeblood of your business, and they should bring you a flood of paying customers.


What if they fail to deliver?


Almost 90% of lead programs fail instead of providing your company with income, they lose money.

Sound familiar?

The good news?


There's a reason for all of this failure, and it has nothing to do with being an amazing copywriter, having the perfect funnel, or any of that.


It's all about “following up.”


“Following Up” = who is warmed up and ready to buy?

Listen, if your leads don’t hear from you, it's game over.

Follow-up is essential if you want people to buy from you. Prospects can be fickle. Depending on your lead source, your prospect might talk to your competitors OR just forget that they were interested‌. I don't care how good your copy is, how pretty your ads were, or how amazing your funnel is. You have no chance.

And the sad part is that so many of us fall into this trap. (Just ‌look at these stats)

  • 80% of sales are made by 20% of salespeople. The winners sell to the prospects the losers give up on. (Bill Corbin on LinkedIn)



  • 92% of sales pros give up after the 4th call, but 80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes.’ (MarketingDonut)
  • Only 2% of sales happen at the first meeting. (MarketingDonut)
  • Stay vigilant. 83% of prospects who request info don’t buy for 3–12 months. (MarketingDonut)
  • 70% of salespeople stop at one email. Yet if you send more emails, you’ve got a 25% better chance to hear back. (YesWare)
  • Don’t give up. 50% of all sales happen after the 5th contact, but most reps give up after just 2. (InsideSales)
  • It takes 8 cold calls to reach a prospect. 72% of all sales calls aren’t answered. (Baylor University)
  • 93% of converted leads are reached by the 6th call attempt. (Velocify)

But like I said, we're all just 1 response away from closing our leads…if we get our follow-up done correctly.


That's all it takes.

 You just need to make sure you avoid the 3 fatal mistakes we talked about yesterday. (here's a quick recap)


Mistake #1: Taking too much time to contact the lead after submission

Mistake #2: Not following up frequently and where they could respond.

Mistake #3: Focusing all your attention on email follow up only


Instead of making these 3 mistakes, spend your time on the only thing that matters…Follow Up!

And remember, follow up involves

  1. Calls
  2. Emails
  3. Texts
  4. Voice Messages
  5. Post Cards
  6. Letters
  7. Smoke Signals (just kidding, but if we could automate that, we would include it)


Do you want to know why I could run my agency, work with students AND  build a software company? Follow Up.

And because I’m busy, I automated the process with the software we built called CLOSEM. 


And it doesn’t just work for me. Here’s what a few CLOSEM users had to say:


If you are wondering, “Well that’s great, but I do not know how to create these types of follow-up campaigns and I am not a copywriter”… 


You are exactly who we created CLOSEM for.


We know a tool like this needs to be simple and needs to have enough templates to start, so you’ll be up and running quickly.


If you're an agency, then you’re going to want to set up this for your clients and charge them to run it.

…you get the idea.


 You might fail if you tried to do this on your own, but with CLOSEM you have our entire team that has built a platform that effortlessly automates follow-up to increase sales.

Check out the calculator we made to show how much more income you can make with CLOSEM.


See what CLOSEM does to sales results.

To get a sense of what CLOSEM can do for you, take a moment with this calculator. Adjust the sliders to match your results.

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Of course, your results may vary.

Our research shows adding SMS capability to your outreach and follow-up toolbox can double your engagement (at the very least!) and we have results where click-through has increased 600% just by following an email with a text.

Combining text, email and voice messaging into ongoing campaigns has been shown to increase sales up to10x, not to mention does wonders for your branding.

And our most recent studies show that combining physical mail to your digital campaigns can truly boost engagement – people are seeing conversion rates of 40%!


But none of this can happen unless you put CLOSEM to work in your business!

Now we need to drill down.. What types of campaigns and sequences are there?

  • Following up on a lead
  • Following up on someone who said to contact them later.
  • Asking for referrals
  • Asking for testimonials
  • Reminders
  • Re-engaging old customers
  • Warming old leads that have gone cold
  • Specials, discounts and sales
  • Launching a new product
  • Newsletters

The list goes on and on.


Let’s look at one of these warming old leads.


You can send out a personalized letter on day one. Then followed up by an email and a text.  


In the first place, what were they interested in? Could you show them anything groundbreaking? Could you provide them with a list of FAQs that might pique their interest? Our follow-ups are even more fun now that we're sending gifs and Videos via texts and emails.


Our biggest advantage is that our software allows us to personalize follow-up, although it is templated.. 


As a general rule, we don't take the time to sit down and really go through this exercise, which leaves us wasting leads that could have been closed.


Of course, there is more.

This is just one strategy… Once you’ve used it, you’ll be wanting to implement more.

Even with this, there are still questions like:

  1. How do I actually figure out the right campaigns?  

          Don’t worry, we’ll show you how.

  1. Can a VA handle most of this?

          Yes, you can have someone who works for you set up much of this

  1. Does this work with my other software?

          Absolutely.  We can integrate your website and many other tools.

          We can assist you with answers to your questions and will be able to explain everything step-by-step.


 Our newest version of CLOSEM is just released.

What makes it unique? I'm glad you asked. Besides sending messages via email, text, and voicemail, you can also send personalized letters and cards.

Your inbox might be full but your mailbox isn't.

Send perfectly personalized professional business letters and attention-getting postcards right from your dashboard, to anywhere in the world.

  • Creating letters and postcards same as creating email or texts
  • Combining physical mail with digital delivers 40% conversions
  • No minimum orders, no set up charges
  • Send one or a thousand at a time

You can now send unlimited email and text messages with CLOSEM by simply connecting a Twilio account. (Don't worry, we can show you how or we can handle it for you.) This makes CLOSEM one of the most economical follow-up automation tools on the market.

For a short time, we are offering a lifetime subscription at a big discount.

Introducing CLOSEM

You're about to discover how a few simple automated emails, texts, voicemails and mail pieces could finally allow you to close more sales on autopilot.


We have perfected this system over the last 2 years, ever since I realized we were losing the follow-up game when only sending email.


It forced me to figure out what was wrong with our lead campaigns because I had clients saying our leads were bad. 

And luckily, I found the answer. It wasn’t the leads.

It was the follow-up and the timing.


Truth is, if you don’t follow up, it's game over.


No one is going to buy from you if you don’t follow up. I don't care how good your copy is, how pretty your ad was, or how amazing your funnel is. You have no chance.


And the sad part is that so many of us fall into this trap.

Why You Need Solid Follow Up For Your leads…

But, if you know how to automate lead follow up to your prospects, you'll be contacting someone who is actively looking for the product you're selling, someone who is willing and able to buy from you…


The results become effortless. With CLOSEM:

  •  You don't need to be an expert copywriter because we’ve written templates for you.
  •  You don't need to pay a designer to create beautiful postcards because we give you templates
  •  You don't need to be an expert salesperson
  •  You don't need the perfect marketing funnel


…because you're bringing leads into these CLOSEM sequences, many more will close. The heavy lifting is already done for you.

Look, 92% of sales pros give up after the 4th call, but 80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes.

83% of prospects who request info don’t buy for 3–12 months

70% of salespeople stop at one email. Yet if you send more emails, you’ve got a 25% better chance to hear back.

…if you're not following up and reaching your leads, then someone else will close them.


That is why we created CLOSEM, an automated solution that uses email, text, voice mail, and personalized direct mail to follow up with leads. 


And it's ready today.

Send text messages

97% of texts are read within 3 minutes. CLOSEM puts the power of texting to work in busting through in-box barriers. Send texts one at a time or to entire lists with a click.

  • Mass texting is a communication superpower
  • 90% of consumers prefer a text over voice mail or email
  • Tons of customizable personalization tags


Send voice messages

There are many ways to your reach your contacts. Record and send voice messages to reach contacts by phone.

  • Record an unlimited number of messages.
  • Send voice message to a single individual or to entire lists with a click
  • Add voice messages with email, text and postal into campaigns

Send campaigns that get results

Don't send a single reply when more is better. Combine emails, texts, voice messages and postal mail into compelling campaigns and generate 4x to 10x the sales results.

  • Campaigns result in 80% more sales
  • Simple drag & drop to create a campaign
  • Messages can be separated by 1 hour to 30 days apart
  • Send campaigns to a single individual or to entire lists with a click
  • View detailed campaign reports and check your stats

Always have the right message at hand

With CLOSEM, you’re never stuck staring at a blank screen trying to come up with the right message at the right time.

  • Includes scores of professionally-written message templates
  • Use right away or customize to make your own
  • Re-use templates over and over
  • Create an unlimited number of personalized templates
  • Flexible personalization

Outreach on autopilot

Work smarter. Connect your contact forms, webinar registrations, calendars, Facebook® lead ads, Leadpages™, Clickfunnels™, Groove™ — whatever tool you use.

  • Connect your inbound leads to CLOSEM
  • Automation frees your time up to do other things
  • Open API makes connecting to other programs easy
  • Set it and forget it automated follow-up
  • Replace your autoresponder

Send personalized email

Replace your autoresponder or newsletter program. CLOSEM lets you create beautiful email newsletters and compelling, personalized sales letters. 

  • Send personalized emails one at a time or to entire lists with a click 
  • Easily add images and trackable links
  • Create an unlimited number of message templates
  • Tons of customizable personalization tags

Send business letters and postcards

Your inbox might be full but your mailbox isn't. Send perfectly personalized professional business letters and attention-getting postcards right from your dashboard, to anywhere in the world.

  • Creating letters and postcards same as creating email or texts
  • Combining physical mail with digital delivers 40% conversions
  • No minimum orders, no set up charges
  • Send one or a thousand at a time

Never lose track of contacts

Manage all your contacts in one place. CLOSEM is an easy-to-use, powerful contact management (CRM) system. Stop using a spreadsheet.

  • Unlimited contacts, unlimited contact lists, unlimited tags
  • Customize your contact records however you like
  • Drag and drop contacts into pipelines to track progress
  • Add contacts one at a time, import whole lists
  • Connect leads forms to CLOSEM to automate hands-free

Access 1,000s of images and templates

Not all of us are great artists. With CLOSEM you get access to 1,000s of FREE images and templates, so there's no need to hire a designer or use Fiverr.

  • Access Canva, Easil and Snappa for images and templates
  • Create custom QR codes on the fly
  • Logos, social media, postcards, letterhead…you name it

Limited Lifetime Special

  • EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME OFFER  ($1,997.00 Value)
  • Unlimited users, so you can assign contacts to employees or salespeople
  • Unlimited contacts so that you can keep your prospects in one place
  • Assign contacts to users so salespeople can follow up with their assigned contacts
  • Unlimited contact lists, so you can slice and dice your data for better results
  • Unlimited contact tagging so you can micro-target your audience
  • Add your own custom fields so CLOSEM can be customized to your workflow.
  • Add notes, appointments to contacts for complete records
  • Unlimited pipeline views so that you can see your data in different ways.


Email, Text and Voice Messaging Platform so you can put your lead follow up on autopilot:

  • Send messages or campaigns to a single contact or groups of targeted contacts
  • Start or end campaigns with one click
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Send an unlimited number of messages (purchase additional credits anytime)
  • Unlimited 2-way texting (via Twilio)
  • Unlimited email 
  • Send email from your domain


Postal Mail Platform because direct mail gets results:

  • Send first-class personalized postal mail
  • Send full color business letters in #10 window envelopes
  • Send full color, 2 sided oversize postcards
  • Send anywhere in the world
  • No minimums, no setup charges
  • Unlimited postcards & letters (mailing fees apply)


Marketing Automation:

  • Integrate with most 3rd party apps
  • Connect lead forms, etc for hands-free automation



  • Pre-written message templates so you don’t have to worry about copywriting
  • Pre-populated message categories to make it easier to follow up
  • Use as is, customize, create new messages
  • Unlimited messages and categories so you are not limited in what you can do
  • Access 1,000s of free images & templates so you don’t have to pay for a designer.
  • No CLOSEM branding on any messages
  • No monthly or annual payments – ever
  • Useful, actionable reports
  • Industry Leading Support
  • Video Training

But that isn’t all we’ve also included

  • $100.00 in Postal Credits so you can see how well direct mailing prospects work
  • $100.00 in Phone and Email Validation Credits to make sure your list is deliverable and clean so you don’t have issues with spam traps, blocking and filtering, and you're not texting people on Do-Not-Call registries to stay out of legal trouble
  • And one custom postcard created by one of our designers ($99.00 Value)

In total a value of $2296.00  (but you won’t pay that much.)


CLOSEM can be customized to work with any type of business.


Quick question for you:

 …If all CLOSEM did was finally get you just ONE more lead a month closed?  That’s 12 additional sales a year, would CLOSEM be worth it?
…If all CLOSEM did was save you 5 hours a week (that’s 260 hours a year)…would it be worth it?

 …If all CLOSEM did was help you reach more people with your message…would it be worth it? I sure hope so!

So, here's the deal…

The Lifetime Version Of CLOSEM with the additional bonuses is priced at $2,296.00; but for the next 3 days

you can get access for just $597.00


Click Here Now to Purchase CLOSEM ULTIMATE UNLIMITED LIFETIME with all these bonuses, for Just $597


So act fast. This discount goes away on Thursday.

Well, that's it for now. I can't wait to see you inside CLOSEM. And I can't wait to hear about the results you're about to get.


With this new tool, your business will change forever. 

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