No-Limits Enterprise Plan

Create your own custom message plan

This No-Limits Enterprise Plan has no monthly message limits, and does not come with a bundle of monthly email, text and voice message credits that expire every month.  

Unlike our Monthly plans (Starter, Bootstrap & Entrepreneur), which come with monthly message limits and credits that expire every month, this plan allows you to customize your message plan and purchase however many messages you want, to be used when you need them

No-Limits Enterprise Plan

Available Only on Annual Plan Basis
$ 697

Purchase unlimited, never-expire message credits

No-Limits Enterprise Plan Users can purchase SMS, Email and Voice Message credits at discounted rates on an a la carte basis, and these never expire so you may use as and when you need.

No-Limit Plan includes:

  • Unique, dedicated local phone number
  • Unlimited users in 3 levels (admin, manager, user)
  • SMS messages may contain up to 300 characters including opt-out message (not limited to 160 characters)
  • NEW! Now send MMS — text credits allow you to send jpeg, png, animated gifs, etc. (same rate as SMS)
  • Unlimited contact lists, unlimited number of contacts, add users one at a time or upload lists of 5,000
  • Unlimited tags; precisely segment contacts to send relevant messages to the right people
  • Over 70 pre-written text message templates
  • Over 60 pre-written email message templates
  • 7 pre-populated message template categories you can use as is or customize
  • 7 pre-populated message campaigns (sequences) you can use as is or customize however you like
  • Create unlimited number of your own categories, messages and sequences
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps and web forms (via Zapier, web-hooks)
  • Add custom notes to every contact, assign contacts to users
  • Start (or end) a message campaign with a single click
  • Send an unlimited number of messages and sequences to single users or groups of targeted users
  • Access to CLOSEM Academy – tutorials, trainings, videos and more