Get in on the ground floor in an industry where companies are being acquired for as much as 46x their annual revenue. Early-stage investors have the best chance to profit. Learn everything in our free webinar.

Bobby C
Host and Investor

Laura Betterly - Co-Founder CLOSEM

Richard Miles
Co-Founder CLOSEM

Live Webinar • Tuesday, Aug 17th •
8 pm EST


In this Free Webinar Find Out:

  • Why SAAS (software as a service) is exploding as a business model.
  • How tech billionaires have made their fortune using this very same formula.
  • CLOSEM: How this tech startup run by two veteran business people fills a need and cuts the complexity that stops most businesses from implementing.
  • Find out How CLOSEM increases the sales of it's customers as much as 10x and how that benefits investors
  • How you can get in on this ground floor opportunity
  • CLOSEM services small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs. The marketplace is 71,000,000 strong in the US alone.
  • Find out about successes using CLOSEM and why CLOSEM bridges the gap between auto-responders and complex and expensive sales software
  • Find out how you can own a piece of this for as little as $500.00