CLOSEM Roadmap

We love CLOSEM and we've been rolling out features and enhancements every month like clockwork… and we are continually working to make it better, faster, more responsive, more flexible and more affordable.


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Update Report

  • Ability to create a fully-integrated webform to capture leads and send them directly into CLOSEM without need for third-party tools like Zapier.
  • Set yourself a reminder to call or meet someone. Set multiple customized reminder messages to make sure you never miss a meeting or a chance to followup.
  • Set an appointment with reminders and integrate with your calendar. Send meeting invites, multiple customized reminder messages to yourself and your prospect.
  • Send bulk meeting reminders and calendar invites. Set meetings and send reminders and invites to groups of individuals.
  • Set a call-forwarding number so folks can reach you by calling your CLOSEM account phone number. 
  • Create unlimited custom fields and import contact data from external sources via API or from spreadsheets.
  • Create a dynamic, memorable email signature that can be included in all your campaign emails with our built-in signature generator. Branding, branding, branding.
  • Updated Campaign flexibility. Ability to specify exact time messages go out in campaigns, and expanded intervals in campaign messages. Set messages to go out at 9AM or 3PM for example, or anywhere from 1 hour to 120 days between.
  • More actionable campaign reports. Ability to download ‘not opened, opened and clicked’ from campaign reports. See who is opening your emails, clicking on links for immediate followup. Resend to contacts who don't open.
  • Added phone and email validations. Automatically block undeliverable emails and phone numbers, remove spam traps and block anyone on the Do-Not-Call registry. Stay out of legal trouble, improve deliverability.
  • Multi-user plans announced. Now you can have a single CLOSEM account with up to a dozen sub-accounts. We have what we're calling our Multiplans in a 6-packs and 12-packs. This is perfect for sales teams where each salesperson wants to keep their own leads separate from others, or for entrepreneurs with more than one business identity, or for an agency. Agencies can set each of their clients up with their own CLOSEM account which can be managed from a single sign-on.  You can set the limits for each of your sub-accounts and either add them to your Twilio account or set them up with their own. This is the flexibility you've been asking for.
  • Integration with Groove. Direct connect CLOSEM with Groove Funnels, Groove Mail, etc. for automated followup.
  • Connect thousands of apps to CLOSEM via Integrately. Now you have further choices in addition to Zapier, Pabbly and KonnectzIT.
  • Unlimited email. No need to purchase email credits.
  • Unlimited texting. Use your own Twilio account and pay the lowest cost possible for SMS, MMS and voice services. No need to purchase SMS credits from us.
  • Worldwide SMS, anywhere you can get a number.
  • Additional personalization merge-tags added. User-defined personalization tags for use in text, email and postal mail messages.
  • SMS added for New Zealand
  • International Postal Mail
  • One-click resend message (or sequence) to all unopened contacts.
  • Message preview in contact view
  • SMS added for UK, Australia
  • Send postal mail – first-class personalized letters and postcards (US)
  • Access to 1,000 of images and designs
  • Access to free QR code generator
  • Export contacts by contact list
  • Substantially improved speed
  • Send MMS messages – animated gifs, images, more
  • Improved email text editor, more colors, text sizes, more
  • Adding a contact, if phone number or email is already in the system, display a link to that existing contact
  • Search contacts by company name
  • Improved the pipeline view – filter contacts by tag, date, list, etc.

Coming soon in development

  • Complete fully-integrated automations inside Zapier. No longer need Webhooks by Zapier (which required a premium account). Now you'll find CLOSEM inside Zapier so you can connect 1,000s of apps directly.
  • Send data out via API or Zapier. Update other CRMs or applications when a new contact is added to CLOSEM, or when a contact opens your email, clicks on a link, or unsubscribes.
  • Fully integrated trackable link shortener and QR code generator – announcing LINKEM. Create trackable shortlinks and fully customized QR codes, bio pages and more. With pixel tracking, geolinks, affiliate tracking, and more.
  • Get leads. Integrated, built-in lead service.

In the works

  • Completely new, updated database engine – faster, more flexible, expanded search features
  • All functions available via API to make almost any integration possible

Improved contact details and search

  • Unlimited, searchable custom personalization merge-tags
  • Improved search – search by any data in the contact record (location, age, company, for example)
  • Improved message targeting without needing to add tags
  • Ability to add multiple contacts within the same company, along with contact relationships so you can easily find related contacts.
  • Contacts can have multiple phone numbers and emails.
  • Ability to send message sequence to details within contact record (like address, DOB) without having to tag them
  • Ability to update multiple contact details via import (not just manually one at a time)

Improved Pipeline View

  • Vastly improved and more functional Pipeline view, also view by tag or list, additional sort features
  • Ability to change process stage labels in Pipeline view, add or delete stages

Improved List Management

  • Ability to mark contacts as bounced / undeliverable to clean up lists
  • Automatically detect potential spam accounts, or catch-all email address, give contact a risk factor
  • One click remove list and all contacts within list

Improved Campaign Builder and Reports Management

  • Improved campaign builder – ability to modify message templates during build
  • Export sequence reports to csv file
  • Full email integration with replies inboxed directly in platform
  • Ability to add / delete tags to multiple records at once
  • Built-in email signature block
  • Browse hard drive for images to include in messages
  • Add cc and bcc feature to email messages
  • Ability to attach images to customer record (photos, etc)
  • Ability to attach files to customer record (ie proposals, contracts, etc)