Integrating with SamCart

Now you can automate your follow-up with every new customer to get reviews, referrals and sell more. Abandoned cart? Not a problem.

Hi, and welcome to a quick overview of CLOSEM, where I’ll walk you through some but not all of the great features, and show you what an incredible tool this can be for SamCart users to connect and engage with customers.

CLOSEM is a monster outreach software that automates followup with email, text, voice and postal mail. We’ve made it as easy and intuitive as we can, and it comes with dozens of re-usable, professionally-written, personalized message templates that can be used as is or customized to suit. And of course, users can create an unlimited number of their own templates perfectly suited to their business.

As a contact manager, CLOSEM allows you to have an unlimited number of contacts, labeled however you like; clients, subscribers, students, members, customers… you name it. You can add contacts one at a time or import lists of contacts or connect CLOSEM to contact forms, Facebook lead ads, webinar registrations, ecommerce, and more; in fact, you can connect CLOSEM to all your favorite applications for automated followup.

You can have an unlimited number of contact lists, and an unlimited number of tags so that you can properly label and segment your contacts to laser target your messaging and follow up.

The first superpower of is the ability to send and receive text messages. E-mail is still the primary driver of business communication, but text messaging gets through where e-mail doesn't. In fact surveys show that 90% consumers prefer text messages over e-mail or voicemail, and 95% of text messages get through and are read within 3 minutes.

The second superpower of CLOSEM — and a real game changer for people — is the ability to send postal mail; postcards and business letters sent first class, right from the same interface you use to send e-mail or text messages. Studies show that combining physical mail with digital results in 40% or more increase in engagement.

And the third superpower of CLOSEM is the ability to combine these messages into ongoing campaigns. These campaigns are proven to generate 80% more sales and 4 to 10 times the engagement over sending a single e-mail reply.

And CLOSEM it makes it so easy, there's no point in sending a single reply when a dozen messages across a variety of media including e-mail, text, postal and voice creates such a powerful impact on sales.

Let’s go into more detail here for this account, called SamCart Seller, which is owned by Betty Draper.

You can see she has several contact lists; active SamCart subscriptions, cancelled subscriptions, clients, inbound leads, people she's pursuing from LinkedIn, and prospects from SamCart.

Here you can create more contact lists, import contacts, and add contacts one at a time.

You can also validate contact details: ensure delivery of phone numbers and run them through a do not call registry, validate emails and check for spam traps.  This keeps your delivery rates high, reduces messaging costs, and helps people avoid legal trouble.

CLOSEM allows users to create a really detailed contact record with as many different data fields as they could possibly want.

Let’s take a look at at one particular customer, go into clients, and take a look at this one. Here you can see his name, company name ,phone number and e-mail address. He's tagged as having watched the cat video, he's a customer, and he came from national advertising.

He's assigned to Betty. and in these special labels one through four it shows that he's signed up for “Our fabulous course.” From here I can send an ad hoc text message and e-mail postal mail, set an appointment, start a follow up campaign, and more.

But of course I don't have to type a message right now. I can choose from one of the pre-written message templates we've already created. It's a massive time-saver.

Customizing and personalizing these messages is simple. Here we’ll go to the “following up after the sales call” category and select this message template. Here you can see all the available personalization tags, and customizing a message is very simple. Users can also send multimedia text messages with images and animations and the like simply by selecting the image and attaching it.

CLOSEM also comes with a number of ready-to-use campaigns already created, but creating a campaign couldn't be easier. In fact, let's go ahead and create a follow up campaign for one of Betty's new subscribers.

Go to create, give it a title, and click next.

Now select your first message. In this case someone has just purchased Betty’s course from her SamCart page, and we want to respond to them right away. So we're going to start with an immediate text message with a thank you note.

Select the type, select a category, (in this case SamCart Orders) and the text called “first order.” Even if our customers ordering at 2 o'clock in the morning they're going to get that immediate response by text thanking them for their order.

Next, I'm going to add a postal mail template. Click on add postal, click on oversized postcard, and choose “first thanks here's coffee” postcard. Notice this postcard includes a QR code which really marries the physicality of direct mail with the immediacy of digital. CLOSEM comes with a free trackable QR code and short link generator to make this really convenient.

I'm going to set this message to go out one hour after that text message. The reality is that postal mail takes anywhere from 7 to 10 days to arrive. We send that message to the printer and it gets printed the next day, and it's sent to the Postal Service for first-class delivery.

Next, I’m going to add an email message to this campaign. Once again the category is SamCart, the template is “next steps and on boarding” and this is an e-mail template with the subject line “congratulations you've secured your seat” and the message “thanks for subscribing to our program and then here's a few things to get ready, etc.”

I'm going to set this e-mail to go out one week after the after the previous message, and set the time of day for 9AM so that'll arrive right around the same time as our postcard. And here's a little trick that really boosts engagement. I'm gonna add a text message to this campaign from a category called “boost e-mail opens.” I'm going to select this message labeled “hope my e-mail didn't get lost.” This is a a text message that says “I want to make sure you saw my e-mail and hope it didn't get lost in your crowded inbox and let me know that you got it thanks.”

I'm going to set that to go out one hour after my e-mail. Our studies prove that following an e-mail with a text message will more than double your open rate. in fact, our statistics show 116% better open rate.

in this example I'm going to add another e-mail, again from my SamCart category, called one month follow up. This templates ask how are things working out, and I'm going to send this out 30 days after the previous message.

As you can see, it’s a simple process to continue adding texts, emails, postal mail and even voice messages to an ongoing campaign that takes place over a long period of time to ask for reviews and referrals, offer upsells and specials, and otherwise really keep customers engaged.

Once I'm happy with my campaign, I can click “next” to send it to an entire list of contacts, or contacts tagged a certain way, or set it to automatically start upon new order triggers from SamCart.

Let's take a look at how easy it is to connect SamCart to CLOSEM. There are a number of integration applications that connect CLOSEM such as Integrately, Pabbly, KonnectzIT and Zapier. In this example I'm going to show you Zapier. Log in to your Zapier account, create your workflow, connect this app SamCart, select CLOSEM, and off you go. It's that easy to add a new contact to CLOSEM triggered by a new subscriber or purchaser on SamCart and add them to the appropriate contact list, tag them appropriately, and launch the appropriate follow-up campaign.

Let's take a look at what that campaign would look like here's the first text message here's that postcard here's the first e-mail you can see the e-mail has a dynamic HTML signature with Betty Draper on it and that's one of the other free services of CLOSEM is the ability to create these dynamic HTML signatures and add them to all your campaign emails.

Connecting CLOSEM to SamCart’s integration engine enables users to immediate send a text message triggered by cart abandonement as well as successful purchases. Coupling that with a special offer postcard drives lost customers back to the users’ carts and help generate more completed sales as well as repeat business. Studies show combining digital with postal results in 63% increased response rates.

The power of a thank-you card cannot be overlooked. Following an order asking for reviews and referrals results in increased trust — and more than half of all customers surveyed will post their purchase on social media when asked to do so.

SamCart is already pretty great with its one page funnels and immediate order bumps and upsells. adding close them to Sam cart automates the process of continuing customer engagement additional upsells and first few of the further purchases. Recent studies show that even a 5% increase in customer retention can equal a 25 to 90% boost in profit.

CLOSEM and SamCart. A great combination.