CLOSEM Roadmap

Last 60 days of new features (as November 1, 2020). We just keep iterating to make CLOSEM better, based on your input. Tons of stuff under the hood users never see, but here’s the user-facing stuff:

  • Ability to view selected messages when creating new sequences
  • Ability to schedule sequences by hour as well as day; increased days following to 30
  • Ability to stop a running sequence to all recipients at once
  • Customized reply-to email address
  • Customized voice message if someone calls assigned phone number
  • Send emojis in text messages
  • Made URLs in contact details are clickable links
  • Add success message after successful data import
  • Added functionality in sequence builder - not only "include" these but also now "exclude" those
  • Outgoing messages sent from your own domain
  • Added a la carte message packs - buy only what you need

These are scheduled to go live before the end of the year.

  • Send MMS messages - animated gifs, images, more
  • Improved email text editor, more colors, text sizes, more

We expect to go live with this just after the first of the year.

  • Completely new, updated database engine - faster, more flexible, expanded search features
  • Every single feature and function will be faster
  • All functions available via API to make almost any integration possible
  • ------ Improved contact details and search -----------
  • Improved contact details - more custom fields
  • Improved search - search by any data in the contact record (location, age, company, for example)
  • Improved message targeting without needing to add tags
  • Ability to add multiple contacts within the same company, along with contact relationships so you can easily find related contacts.
  • Contacts can have multiple phone numbers and emails.
  • Ability to send message sequence to details within contact record (like address, DOB) without having to tag them
  • Ability to update multiple contact details via import (not just manually one at a time)
  • ------ Improved Pipeline View -----------
  • Vastly improved and more functional Pipeline view, also view by tag or list, additional sort features
  • Ability to change process stage labels in Pipeline view, add or delete stages
  • ------ Improved List Management -----------
  • Ability to mark contacts as bounced / undeliverable to clean up lists
  • Automatically detect potential spam accounts, or catch-all email address, give contact a risk factor
  • One click remove list and all contacts within list
  • ------ Improved Sequence Builder and Reports Management -----------
  • Improved sequence builder - ability to modify message templates during build
  • Export sequence reports to csv file

Coming soon, right after 2.0.

  • International voice and SMS dialing in 100+ countries

Additional requested features, scheduled for beginning of Q2, 2021

  • Full email integration with replies inboxed directly in platform
  • Ability to add / delete tags to multiple records at once
  • Built-in email signature block
  • Browse hard drive for images to include in messages
  • Add cc and bcc feature to email messages
  • Ability to attach images to customer record (photos, etc)
  • Ability to attach files to customer record (ie proposals, contracts, etc)
  • One-click resend message (or sequence) to all unopened and tag unopened contacts.

Advanced messaging features no one else has even thought of; scheduled for middle of Q2, 2021.

  • Additional regular feature improvements
  • Built-in link shortening and tracking for text and email messages
  • Completely new, blow-you-away, outside-the-box messaging feature (not going to tell you now)

We love CLOSEM and we are continually working to make it better, faster, more responsive, more flexible and more affordable. We need you — our community of users to give us input to help make it work better for you. We live to make you happy. Let us know what you need, want and think! See how fast we can implement your suggestions.