We love customer successes!

“A difference maker.”

Reyes CastilloWhite Cloud Marketing
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"We had this person coming. And we sent them a post card. It was simple, it was easy and flawless. I asked him, "Hey, did you receive a postcard?" He said, "Yes." And he was so excited. And he said, "You know what? It meant a lot to me and I put it away for a safekeeping." And I'm like, whoa, it was that simple. This is really a difference maker."

“My questions answered in 5 minutes or less.”

Mike GumnaniRich Labs
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"I just wanna give a shout to the amazing product called CLOSEM. Which I think you should give a try. Most importantly is their customer service. Every time have a question I get an answer within five minutes or less. Do give them a try. It will definitely be worth your while. Thanks."

“CLOSEM has saved me so much time!”

Julie BautistaThe Bautista Method
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"I'm just a single person looking to build my business. CLOSEM has given me the ability to do so many things at once. And what I love is that I can actually send out a real live postcard or a letter to everyone . You guys have saved me so much time and effort. "(Excuse the weird eyeglasses I'm going in for an operation on my retina.)."

“An amazing product with great support.”

Dori O'NeillSimplized.Health
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I've been using CLOSEM for quite a few months. And I have to just tell you how impressed I've been. And clearly, I'm not a man in my twenties, the fact that they have old fashioned customer service. Some challenges that I've faced ( probably due to my age), the customer service has jumped in and helped me. CLOSEM is an amazing product."

$7,000 our first week!

Aiden Angeli
Aiden AngeliRipe Marketing
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"We got $7,000 in new sales, $1,200 coming from upsells. Reactivated one client and got 4 new referrals. Plus a 5-star Facebook review and a recommendation on our home page. Not bad for our first week!"

One of my best investments!

Dominic Vicari
Dominic VicariMotivate Fitness Academy
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“This has been one of the best investments I've made. CLOSEM has helped me keep my engagement up with our members, and keep my team up to date with all the changes going on in my business."

Amazed at the response!

Teresa M
Teresa MTMC Consulting
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“I needed a simple tool I could use to respond to my web visitors and Facebook leads, and I don’t have time to mess around. The texting gets through where email doesn’t, and I’m pretty amazed at the response.”

Hell yes!

Nimeash Porter
Nimeash PorterInsurance
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"“If you are chasing leads, you know how hard and exhausting it becomes. I simply love CLOSEM. Follow-up on autopilot? Check. Unlimited contacts? Check. Pre-written templates? Check. Unlimited campaigns? Check. Hell yes!”

Support without attitude!

Denise Carter
Denise CarterCoaching by Denise
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“I”m finding the onboarding very user friendly and easy to understand and set up, the features well thought out and the support excellent. It’s nice to have support that is actually friendly, without attitude. I’m recommending to my friends.”

The response is what we hoped!

Matt Breyer
Matt BreyerWeb Design / SEO
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“It has been waaay easier to get up and running and start texting our customers than anything else we’ve used. Email is dead - everyone is on their phones these days. The response is just what we hoped!”

Up and running in 20 minutes!

Marcus Dahite
Marcus DahiteFirst Lands Real Estate
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“CLOSEM is awesome and easy to use. I am NOT an internet marketer, but I was easily able to get my first campaign going within 20 minutes of purchasing. It makes sales followup a no-brainer.”

Used to spend $3,000 a month!

Paul Ebelhart
Paul EbelhartITSEC
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“I used to spend $3,000 a month for a firm to do “drip campaigns” - all they did was send emals. Now I send emails and texts, and let me tell you, texting really breaks the ice. Better results at a fraction of the cost.”

Absolutely loving it!

Martin Croy
Martin CroyPoint of Sales Solutions
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“Very impressed, absolutely loving this product so far. I am switching over the whole sales team!”