What’s a “drip campaign?”

Should I be doing drip marketing?

What the heck is it?

Drip marketing is a tool to keep you foremost in the mind of your prospects with a small number regularly sent communications to your customer list. Done correctly, people will think of you first when they need your product or service, or they are asked who they would recommend.

Drip marketing is one of the secret ingredients in the tool chest of companies that always have their pipeline filled with new prospective customers. These companies almost never have to engage in big sales or promotions where they have to reduce their prices just to get the business.

Would you like your business to be more successful? 

Then you should be doing drip marketing.

The challenge of drip marketing is that it has to be different for almost every business. How many emails, newsletters, or texts should you be sending? And how often?

This answer is different for every business, and it is possible to overload your customer list with too many messages, but 94% or businesses do not fail in this way, they fail because they never send anything to their customers, unless they are having a “sale”.

If you have ever had a friend or acquaintance who never bothered to contact you, unless they needed something, now you know how your customers feel when they never hear from you unless you want them to buy.

Drip marketing solves this by providing a steady stream of communications that are appropriate for your customers, without overloading them, but enough that YOU will be first on their list when it is time to buy, either your past customers or any of their friends.

How do you set this up? 

Especially, if you, like most folks, don't have time to create all this content!

You are fully covered here, we have a full library of powerful, personalized messages you can use right away or customize however you wish. Our reusable message templates are written by veteran copywriters with a solid and successful track record increasing sales in their own companies.

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