Automate Your Follow-up And Increase Sales

Regain your time to complete tasks

Hands-free automation gives you back time to work on other mission-critical tasks.

Close sales you're losing now

Pick up the 70% of sales you're missing out on now with persistent, automated follow-up.

Break through communication barriers

Reach your leads, prospects and customers where they are with email, text and postal mail.

Don't spend another nickel on leads

There's no need to keep spending and chasing after new leads when you have CLOSEM.

Automate your outreach

Work smarter. Connect your contact forms, webinar registrations, calendars, Facebook® lead ads, Leadpages™, Clickfunnels™, Groove — whatever tool you use.

  • Connect your inbound leads to CLOSEM
  • Automation frees your time up to do other things
  • Open API makes connecting to other programs easy
  • Set it and forget it automated follow-up
  • Replace your autoresponder

Send text messages

97% of texts are read within 3 minutes. CLOSEM puts the power of texting to work in busting through in-box barriers. Send texts one at a time or to entire lists with a click.

  • Mass texting is a communication superpower
  • 90% of consumers prefer a text over voice mail or email
  • Tons of customizable personalization tags

Send personalized email

Replace your autoresponder or newsletter program. CLOSEM lets you create beautiful email newsletters and compelling, personalized sales letters. 

  • Send personalized emails one at a time or to entire lists with a click 
  • Easily add images and trackable links
  • Create an unlimited number of message templates
  • Tons of customizable personalization tags

Send voice messages

There are many ways to your reach your contacts. Record and send voice messages to reach contacts by phone.

  • Record an unlimited number of messages.
  • Send voice message to a single individual or to entire lists with a click
  • Add voice messages with email, text and postal into campaigns

Send business letters and postcards

Your inbox might be full but your mailbox isn't. Send perfectly personalized professional business letters and attention-getting postcards right from your dashboard, to anywhere in the world.

  • Creating letters and postcards same as creating email or texts
  • Combining physical mail with digital delivers 40% conversions
  • No minimum orders, no set up charges
  • Send one or a thousand at a time

Send campaigns that get results

Don't send a single reply when more is better. Combine emails, texts, voice messages and postal mail into compelling campaigns and generate 4x to 10x the sales results.

  • Campaigns result in 80% more sales
  • Simple drag & drop to create a campaign
  • Messages can be separated by 1 hour to 30 days apart
  • Send campaigns to a single individual or to entire lists with a click
  • View detailed campaign reports and check your stats

Never lose track of contacts

Manage all your contacts in one place. CLOSEM is an easy-to-use, powerful contact management (CRM) system. Stop using a spreadsheet.

  • Unlimited contacts, unlimited contact lists, unlimited tags
  • Customize your contact records however you like
  • Drag and drop contacts into pipelines to track progress
  • Add contacts one at a time, import whole lists
  • Connect leads forms to CLOSEM to automate hands-free

Always have the right message at hand

With CLOSEM, you’re never stuck staring at a blank screen trying to come up with the right message at the right time.

  • Includes scores of professionally-written message templates
  • Use right away or customize to make your own
  • Re-use templates over and over
  • Create an unlimited number of personalized templates
  • Flexible personalization

Access 1,000s of images and templates

Not all of us are great artists. With CLOSEM you get access to 1,000s of FREE images and templates, so there's no need to hire a designer or use Fiverr.

  • Access Canva, Easil and Snappa for images and templates
  • Create custom QR codes on the fly
  • Logos, social meda, postcards, letterhead…you name it

Ready when you are

CLOSEM is a complete system.  It is ready to go the minute you activate your account.

  • No technical support required
  • Complete access to easy to follow video tutorials
  • Instant customer support a chatbox click away